Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dune Bashing

We had a great weekend. Lana and David Packer are here for two weeks to minister in our church. He is pastor of an international church in Germany. Lana is leading a women's conference for us this coming weekend.

Our family, along with several other families, went on a dune adventure with the Packers on Saturday. It was so much fun. The drivers picked us up in their Toyota Land Cruisers (definitely the vehicle of choice among the locals here) and we caravaned out to the dunes. It was very exciting going up and down the huge, sometimes very steep dunes. Abbey dubbed driving around the inner edge of the dunes "doing the toilet bowl" We made stops at the edge of the Gulf and let the kids get wet. It was so pretty. The water is gorgeous here and crystal clear! We could see Saudi across the water. We also made a stop to ride a camel. Will was the only one that rode. Then we stopped at a camp site where we were served an Arabic meal. We really enjoyed lounging in the tents while the meal was being prepared and visiting with Lana and each other. The kids had so much fun playing on the surrounding dunes. It is like the world's biggest sand box. It reminded me of times in Calgary when friends would gather and the kids would play and play and play and the parents would talk and talk and talk.

Other news on the home front....

Cole has started running cross country and really likes it! It is good for him and makes me realize he needed it to use up some of that God given extra energy! They run 4 days a week after school. He still loves school and is determined to take responsibility for his own work. He doesn't want me checking over his shoulder. He is doing a great job!

Bill is going to Houston on Saturday for a conference....and not just Houston, he is going to be in The Woodlands. I am so jealous! He is going to bring me some fajita seasoning and corn bread mix, so I guess I will forgive him.

I promise pictures soon!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Dubai.....How Do I love thee?

Dubai was super fantastic....It is a shiny city in the desert, with lots of green spaces (thanks to soaker hoses).

10 things to love about to Dubai.....

1. World's Tallest Building....It is way taller than all the skyscrapers around it....very impressive.

2. Wild Wadi water park.....A fun water park that doesn't require walking up stairs. You set in your tube and are propelled up to the top of the stairs. Good for lazy people.

3. SkiDubai.....yes, an indoor ski slope and snow park.

4. Malls, malls, malls.......the most spectacular malls I have ever seen.

5. Ikea...

6. Public maintained beaches.

7. A huge Ace hardware store....like a Home Depot.

8. Macaroni Grill and Coldstone Creamery (coming soon to Doha)

9. A quilting store

10. Good friends....we had a blast hanging out with them.

The absolute best news is that our friends that live in Dubai told us they are MOVING TO DOHA!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

October 10, 1967

Happy Birthday Bill!! We love you so much!!

Bill turned 40 yesterday! Abbey and I made a cake....we even broke out the Wilton Cake Decorating Kit. Mekedes got him a card...she called a taxi to take her to the mall to buy him a birthday card. She has a big heart.

We went out to dinner at a Korean/Japanese restaurant. Will was so glad to get sushi. He is our only kid that loves good food. Cole had bul go gi (thinly sliced flank steak, marinated and grilled or cooked in a fry pan) and he loved it. Bill's mom always makes this for him when we visit her. I had bi bim bop, which is rice with vegetables and a fried egg on top. I am not sure what Bill got, it was boiling, bubbling soup with dumplings (mondu) in it. We usually find ourselves going to more kid friendly restaurants, but they all seemed to enjoy their meal last night.

Afterward, we came home and had yummy birthday cake. Sweet and simple. We don't always do a lot on birthdays, but I can't let them go by without a cake.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Dubai.....Here We Come

We are getting ready for a holiday! The end of Ramadan is approaching and the kiddos get 3 days off from school to celebrate. We are so excited to be going to Dubai to see our good friends, Zac and Susan Crouch and their 4 kids. We met them at Cole's and Zane's (their oldest son, also 11) baby dedication. We were young moms together and have kids the same ages. We have lots of good shared memories.

We are planning on going to a waterpark and to the indoor ski slopes and snow park (www.skidubai.com). Can you believe that....an indoor ski slope? I know the kids are going to have a good time seeing their buddies and going to these fun places.

Dubai is probably 10 years ahead of Doha in development. Lots of spectacular buildings...in fact, I think the world's tallest building was just completed there. So, it should be a sight to see.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Quilting Craze

I am taking a beginning quilting class. The photo above shows the design of the quilt we are making and the one below shows the fabric I am using and my first squares (nine patch). I will have to buy some more fabric, but that is all I could come up with at the fabric souqs here.

My sister, Tricia got me started quilting this summer. Thanks Trish!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


These are just funny pictures from our trip to Italy this summer. We were at GardaLand...a fun theme park.

The Art of Henna

Last night I went with a group of ladies from the Pegasus Club (ExxonMobil club for families living here) to the Ramadan Tent at the Ritz Carlton. It was a grand experience. The ballroom is decorated like an elegant tent and they served a huge buffet of Arabian food, like shawarma, shish kebab and tandoori. My favorite was the whole roasted lamb. I haven't eaten very much lamb in my life, but this was delicious. They also served rose water tea, which tasted like.....roses. I didn't like it very much. They put nuts and spices in the juices and teas to bring out the flavor. My friend ordered a shisha. A shisha is a pipe used to smoke tobacco that has fruit flavors. I wish I had a picture of it (I forgot my camera last night...ugh) The actual apparatus sits on the floor and looks like it would be illegal in 48 states. She seemed to enjoy it.
I also experienced the art of henna as you can see in the photo. I kind of like it..what do you think?